IAG is a member of the following associations

IAG have established strategic relationships with several industry expert organisations that have access to a diverse network of food stakeholders.

Knowledge sharing is a key part of raising awareness about agricultural challenges and potential solutions. IAG are in talks with Harper Adams University to help with research courses by helping shape the leaders of tomorrow’s agriculture. This gives IAG the ability to access other entrepreneurial networks and impact seeking experts to help widen the exposure of agri-tech to businesses and consumers. It also gives IAG access to enthusiastic young talent who can help drive value in the future.

IAG is an affiliated partner at Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). As a public ally funded organisation dedicated to the development of agricultural databases worldwide, IAG will have the ability to interact with industry experts who can enable the commercialisation of data within agriculture. This will help us to target a wider target audience beyond just those interested in agri-tech to include more traditional agricultural players as part of IAG’s Agri-Tech Consulting. This will help IAG to diversify its revenue streams and expand the brands exposure simultaneously.

IAG have become a member and partner with Agri-Tech East. A well-connected organisation with deep insight into British agriculture, IAG will be able to connect with companies and growers due to the promotional services provided by the membership agreement.