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Agri-tech is a short form for “agricultural technology.” It involves using environmentally sound and sustainable farming methods in agriculture to increase yield, efficiency and profitability.

This could include equipment like water filters and water pumps or digital services like apps that connect buyers to sellers in the rural markets or heirloom seeds, chemical-free fertilizers, and smart agricultural farming methods techniques.

Advantages of Agri-tech

The Agri-tech reforms have many advantages. For example, both home gardeners and farmers are showing a considerable amount of interest in Organic Farming and growing their food. In this scenario Organic Fertilisers, Heirloom Seeds, preparing Compost and Mulch come into the picture. Agri-tech provides aid to this.

Secondly, more and more farmers are moving towards integrated farming. They are exploring honeybee and silkworm rearing, fish culture, etc. so that they are not dependent on a single occupation for income. With a combination of agriculture and technology farmers can explore many more activities.

By utilizing the technological advancements, people can start soilless agriculture i.e. Hydroponics and use nutrient solution instead of soil to grow crops. Agri-tech output grew by 16% between 2008 and 2013, however, this masks the rapid growth of some sub-sectors over the period.

Increases in the efficiency of farm: Farmers can grow many crops on a limited land. Each acre gets an adequate amount of seeds, fertilizers and timely water supply that ensures optimum yield.

''Agri-tech output grew by 16% between 2008 and 2013''

Future of Agri-tech industry:

The agri-tech sector is undergoing an exciting transformation, developing new technologies to expand food production whilst reducing the impact on the environment; pushing the UK towards the forefront of global agricultural innovation.

One of the fastest growing agri-tech subsectors is expected to be precision farming and engineering. It’s already worth over £1 billion to the UK economy and employs 21,000 people.

Future agri-tech will focus on more sustainable methods of production, moving away from the western-influenced chemical heavy methods of today. This will happen when problems faced by small-scale farmers receive the attention that they need.

With more and more people recognizing that the agricultural sector needs support, it seems like the agri-tech industry is about to see some exciting developments.

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