Transforming Farming through Technology Integration

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November 29, 2018
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Transforming Farming through Technology Integration

Technology is impacting every industry like never before. There is no reason for farming stay behind. Do you wonder what will be the future of farming in 20 years? Will software, technology, AI completely transform the way how we farm.

To integrate technology in a traditional segment like farming, it’s important to prepare the next generation for this infusion. Despite an increase in internet penetration, there are individuals who do not subscribe to the view of a shared world. Still, information sharing, up-skilling via technology and tech ideas are dominating and is a reality.

Can we really integrate technology with tradition to redefine the future of farming. How will the farming community adapt to this change? Technology can be the driving force for enhanced productivity in farming activities. Let’s see how everything adds up and the opportunities that emerge out of this essential conflux.

The Future of Farming: How Technology will Disrupt Known Processes

Technology will sooner or later impact the way we do farming. So, it’s better to start implementing processes to facilitate a shift from labour-intensive techniques to smart, technology-driven processes. Already, concepts such as drone spraying and soil mapping have crept in common farming methods. Though these techniques are still at an infancy, saying that they still be on the sidelines in next 5 years is an overstatement.

It’s better to start adopting the modern changes as it will exponentially decrease the cost of farming with an increase in productivity and quality of the crop. The sooner these technologies are adopted, the better data we will have in hands to deal with the problems of the future.

Farming needs to upgrade with time and technological advancements, which will equip farmers to deal with basic problems and issues. We have already seen a revolution in the field of communication because of technology and it seems we are at the right juncture to let technology creep in the conventional systems, for higher efficiency.

With technology, it will be easier for farmers to stay updated about latest weather information, technology updates, integrate smart analytics in farming processes and improve their yield. By directly staying in touch with research facilities, they can implement best practices in real-time and deal with seasonal farming troubles in a better way.

Upskilling the Next Generation of Farmers for Best Results

Technology is a great information sharing facilitator. With the help of tech tools, creating a well-informed, educated and trained community of farmers is quite easy. Technology can streamline communications helping farmers learn effective farming, negotiation, marketing and succession tactics, preparing for the future.

The previous generation where taught farming through the older generations, they learnt from their elders about farming and spent years on farms before they actually started farming.

The younger generations will now have to rise to the challenge with innovation and ingenuity.With technology, training delivery can become more efficient, making the youth connected to the land, helping them learn essential trade skills to become successful farmers.

We know that food security is an issue and we also know that our environment is a priceless asset. As a result many organisations are actively involved in up skilling new generation of farmers and educational institutions/universities are offering more agriculture courses than ever.

By creating a technology-powered learning ecosystem, the future of farming in the country is on the right path. Technology helps improve crop productivity, educate farmer about the processes, land, seeds and organic practices. This will be better for the future of British agriculture in the long run.

Towards a better future

Technology has the potential to transform agriculture into an economic powerhouse and attract the youth towards this career option. Not only will it improve knowledge transfer but innovation will bloom, making British farming an apex industry, at par with international standards. The time is an exciting time for technology integration.