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May 3, 2017
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Agriculture has and always will be considered a vital industry. Naturally, by the manner of which our food is produced, holds significant contributions to the global economy. The United Kingdom alone, has estimated expenditure of 5.8 Billion British pounds on agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting per year.

As global food consumptions are expected to increase with rising populations, ever increasing mortality rates and the limited supply of resources. Innovations within the sector pay a vital role in the development of this industry. It is imperative to meet the current and future demands for future consumption and this matter is addressed on a global scale.

For instance, crop rotation has allowed the production of a variety of yield, thereby reducing monotony in food consumption. Further enhancements can be tangibly demonstrated in the alternative methods of farming to increase the rates of harvest. The real hot topics and the realms where most new discussions are being held exist under the banner of “AgriTechies”. A new sect within the industry; who employ the most advanced forms of technology, for the enhancement in crop cultivation.

Agri-tech is a well-established and important UK sector. The entire agri-food supply chain, from agriculture to final retailing and catering, is estimated to contribute £96 billion to the economy and employ 3.8 million people.
Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said:

“Some of the biggest brands in farming and food are based in the UK. We have a world class science and research community and our institutes and universities are at the forefront of agricultural research.”

Many smallholder farmers around the world still farm the same way their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Traditional farming approaches may continue to work for some, but new practices can help many to substantially improve yields, soil quality and natural capital as well as food and nutrition security.

With farmers now viewing alternative methods, investors find agriculture as a viable and sustainable area for investment. The investment market of stocks and shares has seen some uncertainty in the early 2000’s and again recently with the Brexit vote, however investors are realising that it is more viable to invest into a resource which benefits the world we live in and shows them high returns.

Of course, traditional agriculture will always be important, not just for feeding the growing population but also for utilising our land and for the economy For information and to learn more contact us today.