Solving water wastage with Aeroponic Farming

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Aeroponics – The Farming Revolution
March 31, 2017
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April 18, 2017
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Solving water wastage with Aeroponic Farming

Solving water wastage with Aeroponic Farming

Globally, agriculture accounts for around 70% of water used in the world today and also contributes to water pollution from excess nutrients, pesticides and other pollutants.

Climate change has resulted in a higher competition from farmers for water resources; climate change can also affect water supply and agriculture through seasonal changes such as rainfall, snow pack melt, as well as higher incidence and severity of floods and droughts.

The agricultural sustainable management of water is crucial to increase growth production and to ensure water can be shared with other users and maintain the environmental and social benefits of water systems..

With the industry becoming more aware of water sustainability, we have seen a rise in indoor projects, with the majority of these using hydroponic and aeroponic technologies.

The differences between hydroponic and aeroponic are mainly around the application of water and nutrients. Hydroponic is defined as growing by using a neutral substrate with a nutrient solution. Aeroponic is growing using no substrate but air and spraying a fine mist of nutrients onto the plant roots.

The most sustainable farming method is aeroponics – this method uses the least amount of water and it does not use and harmful pollutants or pesticides. We have found that indoor aeroponics is efficient, effective and most importantly; helps to reduce the agricultural water usage by 95%.

Indoor aeroponic farming enables year-round growing by mitigating the effects of weather. This control over crop timing allows indoor farms to increase margins by growing “off-market” and selling against outdoor seasonality. In other words, indoor farms are uniquely capable of growing traditional summer crops during the winter and winter crops during the summer.

Farm Box’s are fitted with all the tools needed for high-volume growth and with innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment 365 days a year.

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