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How UK is Successfully Become Global Super Power in Agritech with Innovation Agri-Tech Group?
November 28, 2018
Transforming Farming through Technology Integration
Transforming Farming through Technology Integration
December 7, 2018

For years, the UK has been investing heavily in agricultural technology, giving out generous funding to projects and motivating farmers to adopt innovative farming practices. The possibility of Brexit has further aggravated UK’s ambitions to become an agricultural superpower that is self-sufficient, sustainable and progressive.

Agritech, for years, has been an instrumental factor in UK’s sustainability story and now with the stage being set, it has suddenly become more relevant than any other competing sectors. The world needs more food and UK aims to tackle this issue by improving yields, employing progressive techniques and motivating more and more farmers to replicate the self-sustainable farming model.

Here is how Agritech is transforming the UK’s agricultural landscape and helping the country fulfill its sustainability goals.

Self-sufficiency & food sustainability

With the population growing at an alarming rate, the demand for food is expected to grow by up to 100% by 2050 or even before. The growing population needs more and more food to survive with each passing day. In such an environment, agricultural innovation has turned from a luxury to a necessity and in the UK, agritech is making it possible for farmers to adopt commercial farming techniques.

The UK government is promoting the use of technology to research and develop new techniques that increase crop yield, limit inputs and minimize the cost of farming. By promoting agritech, UK is inching closer to not only self-sufficiency in terms of food production but also towards sustainable agricultural practices.

Addressing ecological and environmental concerns

Not only is agritech helping in making the UK self-sufficient in terms of food production, but technology is serving as a facilitator to reduce the agricultural carbon footprint. According to estimates, agriculture, single handedly, contributes about 25% to the emission of greenhouse gases, globally. With the help of technology, such emissions can be reduced by adopting green solutions, AI-powered soil and crop data analytics and intelligent algorithms to minimize water usage.

With all these being taken care by agritech alone, agriculture can once again become an ecologically-balanced activity that doesn’t harm the environment because of sustainable and data-driven practices. Currently, the UK is in the process to implement smart technologies and post-Brexit the process will going to be swifter as the country will not be obliged to adhere to EU’s precautionary principles when it comes to agricultural innovation.

Supply chain sustainability in the field of agriculture

Technology is not only solving production woes associated with agriculture but is ready to disrupt the global agriculture supply chain mechanism. A World Economic Forum’s Report on Innovation with a Purpose lists at least transformative technologies with a potential to increase supply chain efficiency and improve productivity.

UK has been really serious about involving Agritech in improving supply chain dynamics and has pledged to invest heavily in AI, robotics and analytics to improve agri-food supply chain system all over the country.

Driving long-term economic growth

Agritech is completely transforming the agricultural domain and is paving way for the next green revolution. The United Kingdom is serious on leveraging technological advancements and through it, drive revenues for the country. Not only the country is benefiting from increased crop yield and is planning to increase not only agricultural exports but also agritech exports, too.

At the same time, the Global Entrepreneur Programme launched by the government aims to attract businesses to invest in the agriculture segment by setting up headquarters in the country. Not only will it attract wealth in the country in the future but is already creating a strong sustainable growth story for the present generation.

Over the years, the UK has heavily consolidated its focus on being an economy that is in for sustainable growth in all the sectors. Agriculture will surely be the dominating sector that will be the hero in the sustainable story in the near future for sure because of pro-agritech measures by the government.