JP Global Aeroponic shipping containers can produce four acres worth of crops

Aeroponic Systems – leading the way in revolutionising agriculture.

JP Global’s intelligent Aeroponic Farm Box provides a practical solution for plant production. Our custom built containers use state of the art technology and boast a highly engineered climate to ensure optimum harvests.

Viable investment

The growing population and the rising price of food mean that agricultural produce is a growing commodity. However, because aeroponics is not vulnerable to the varied problems traditional farming suffers from, such as bad weather, disease and land shortage, there is much less risk involved.

With our simple 5 step process your aeroponics investment will go from signing contracts to produce growth in just 90 days.

What to expect

Aeroponic farming produces significantly higher yields than the same sized plot of traditional farmland produces. In addition, the yields are stable, with the same amount of crops being produced 365 days a year. As such, your agriculture investment will continue to increase, offering unrivalled returns compared to other similar investments in the food industry.


Corporate buyers

We believe the EU referendum has brought the UK a Brexit instability, currencies and stocks no longer provide the safe returns they once did. Traditional investment opportunities that were once attractive no longer offer the same security. While importing costs increase and investment opportunities fall many corporate buyers are turning to commodities as a more secure form of aeroponic investment, and food is becoming increasingly popular.