Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) is a high-tech agricultural technologies company who are creating Indoor Vertical Farms. Using our aeropoinc technology, our Indoor Vertical Farms can grow crops 365 days with out the limitations of traditional farming.

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The problem

  • It is estimated that by 2050, the world will have over 9 billion people – almost a 35% increase from where we currently are, how can we feed the growing population.
  • Weather constraints, Climate change can have adverse impacts on global food production. Ongoing climate change and associated changes in the intensity, frequency and duration of weather/climate extremes.

The solution:

Innovation Agri-Tech Group Limited has “modern farming solutions” to deliver sustainable solutions and alternative food sources for a growing population. Our advanced systems are organised into long vertical panels which allow crops to grow upwards; permitting larger volumes of crops in comparison to traditional farming. This method means farmers can grow crops 356 days a year, with no limit to weather conditions.<

Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) is an agricultural technology (agri-tech) company who is using modern and forward looking technologies to pioneer new solutions to address the challenges of modern day agriculture for a more sustainable future.

The company is valued at £5.6 Million.

The market sector

Agri-tech is growing and fast becoming the most important solution in driving food production efficiency in UK agriculture – with the aim of helping to feed the world’s expanding population.

Food for thought…



Agritech is a fast growing sector with global markets forecast to reach this figure by 2021.



The UK agri-tech sector is worth more than £ 14 billion.



Is what the UKs food and drinks manufacturing sector is worth.

Agriculture Funding Opportunities

Agri-tech contributed £14.3BN to UK GVA.

The technology

What Is Indoor Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is a common method of growing produce in an indoor environment with carefully controlled conditions and lighting. This provide plants with the nutrients and light levels required for growth.

What Is Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a growing technique that does not use any soil and supplies water, nutrients and minerals to growing plants via a mist directed at the roots of the plants.

Indoor vertical farming benefits:-

As we can control all areas of the growth process for the plant themselves, it makes sense to eliminate the vast fluctuations that affect farming outdoors in soil. Once we can control the heat, light, humidity and CO2 levels within the growing environment, we can know exact grow times, plant quality and consistency without any unpredictable surprises.

  • Increased And Year-round Crop Production.

    This farming technology can ensure crop production all year-round in non-tropical regions.

  • Protection From Weather-related Problems

    Because the crops will be grown under controlled environment, they will be safe from extreme weather occurrences such as droughts and floods.

  • Organic Crops Production

    the advantages of this modern farming technology can be further exploited by large scale production of organic crops. The controlled growing conditions will allow a reduction or total abandonment of the use of chemical pesticides

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